Cosy evening at Stacken

On Thursday night we went to Teleskopgatan again for a small cosy- evening that Stacken had invited us to. Ellen had baked lots of cakes and we got ourselves a chat with four of those who live there.
We found out some new information. Among other things, that there are allotments some distance away (about 5 min walk) to the northwest across the road. It seems like not many at Stacken have an alottment there, but quite manyare interest in developing the gardening to grow food around their house. Some pallet collars has been filled with earth this year for gardening as a test.

There is an attic of the house that is about 3 feet in height in the center of the house. The roof is a cold roof with asphalt cardboard (newly laid 2003) for the surface, roff-beams in wood and mineral wool insulation (which is too thin according to Obilot) located on structural flooring. This means that the ceiling is relatively easily to add isolation on.  The ceiling space which is accessible by a service ladder is an air heat exchanger that is connected probably in connection with any renovation of the ventilation system. Anna, living in Stacken are to send us their calculations on energy-saving potentials and a Prezi presentation from the last annual convention that dealt with energy.
The apartments in Stacken pays rent per square foot. The common areas are included in the rent and you pay nothing extra for this.

In addition to purely technical aspects of the house we also discussed the interest that exists for collaboration with other residents from Teleskopgatan and the area. Stack residents thinks that the City District should be more interested in them because Bergsjön City District markets itself as green neighborhood. Stacken also thinks it’s positive to a possible collaboration with the other residents on the street. We will meet Tenant association for Teleskopgatan and Teleskopet on Monday and will present the idea of ​​collaboration. Collective tree house in Kortedala arranges apparently an annual block party to mix people in the area. Could this be an inspiration?
Another very exciting things coming from Obilot. She had been on Claessons Wood tar and shopped and met a woman working in. there, Siv Carlsson, who is an architect, and who co-designed the renovation to the public, together with Lars Ågren around 1980. This is a track that we have to follow up!

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  1. obilot

    “There is an attic of the house that is about 3 feet in height in the center of the house.” Hej folks…in the center it’s maybe 2,40 m, that is maybe 8 feet, at the edge about 3 feet.

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