Today we talked to the Stacken’s architect; Siv Carlsson. She had an exciting story to tell.
Siv worked with Lars Ågren to make new plans for a residential building in Bergsjön to make a collective housing there, together with the municipal housing company Göteborgshem (today named Poseidon). It was a pilote project in time of visions, to find a solution to the problem of all the empty apartments that the Million Programme faced in the 70’s. The middle class rejected these apartments in favor of the villas, that was the new emerging ideal. It was only those who could not afford to move that remained.

Lars Ågren worked then at GAKO, The City of Gothenburg’s municipal architects, and together with Helmut Junker, (who still works as an engineering consultant with his own company Junkers Technology), was engaged in this rebuilding. Helmut helped start Gothenburg to build its own factory for prefabricated building elements that was the contruction method used in the building of today’s Stacken, in 1969, and he was also engaged in the rehabilitation to this co-housing.
Siv worked from 1979 to produce working drawings as well as a supervisor on the construction site.

Siv is very curious about how the Stacken looks today and how it will change in the future, so I’ve promised to keep her informed about what we do. Maybe she will come to our workshop next Sunday!


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