Stackens Framtidsjakt

This past Sunday we had a great afternoon of activities and ideas at Stacken. Many thanks to everyone who came! We were even accompanied by some special guests who have worked on the building of Stacken in the past: architect Siv Karlsson who worked who assisted Lars Ågren during the 1980s renovations and the original building engineer Helmut Junkers. Both are very excited to participate in current changes to Stacken and Helmut even brought the original hand-drawn constructions documents! (see picture below)

After a brief introduction and summary of the idea box, we started off the day with a “mental mapping” exercise to see where Stacken residents spend and would like to spend most of their time. Afterwards, we split into two groups and explored the house in real-scale: one group went outside to discuss and brainstorm outdoor spaces and potential ground floor building expansions. The other group started with an “emotional mapping exercise” on the fifth floor, placing big opinion stickers (“good place”, “needs light”, “too big”, etc.) on places around the dining room, kitchen, and play room. They then went down to the bottom floor and instead of stickers used post-its to more freely place ideas and comments on the various ground floor common spaces (sauna, laundry, café, workshop, entrance, etc.). The groups swapped so that everyone had an opportunity to voice their opinions about each area of Stacken. We then all came back together for some fika and closing conclusions.

We hope that the workshop was a fun motivation for Stacken residents to think critically about their common spaces. From our side, the day was very productive and has given us a lot of ideas that will direct our work moving forward. We’re busy at work analyzing the results and beginning the design phase of our project. We’ll be back in touch soon with our progress!


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