Study Visit at BiG kornet in Mölndal

BiG kornet is a collective house in Mölndal outside Gothenburg. There are 44 apartments ranging from 1 room and a kitchen (40m²) to 3 rooms and a kitchen (70m²). The tenants are all a part of a cooperative who rent the whole house from Mölndalsbostäder. The house is eleven stories high with common spaces on the bottom- and the top floor. On the bottom floor there’s a kitchen, a dining room, a big living room (divided into different sections) a workshop, an office and a laundry. And on the eleventh floor they have a TV room, a sauna, a jacuzzi, guest rooms, a gym and a terrace with a wonderful view. The apartments are not for a certain category of people, but they prefer to not have children living in the house. Therefore the majority of the tenants are 40 years or older. As a member of the cooperative you have to take part in some different types of house hold work. You’re a part of a cocking team who, during the weekdays, every sixth week cock for the the other tenants. And every sixth week you’re in a team who cleans the common spaces. By taking parts in these chores you have the possibility to extend your home and have access to all the common spaces and the possibility to socialize and meet new people.



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