The Project

The aim with this project is to practice using participatory methods in our work to develop visions about the cohouse Stacken. This we will do in close cooperation with the people living in the building and perhaps other interested.

Stacken has asked us to help them concretize their plans, visions and ideas. To fully understand them, we are using a variety of materials and methods. We are looking into drawings from old building permits from the building was built in 1968 and rebuilt into a cohouse in 1979. We use litterature about cohousing and general and research specific about Stacken. We have also recieved materials that they themself has produced such as surveys and workshops about energy saving.

In the workshop for Stacken we will use two different methods. First a method called “Mental mapping” by Sigrid öslund.  They will get a paper and to place stickers with their activities in the building and where they prefer to do different things. The next task is to do the same procedure for their visions for the future spaces in Stacken. Part 2 of the workshop is to use indoor and outdoor space and place descriptive words and discuss different solutions “on site” on three different stations of the common areas.

You will be able to see and discuss our final project in the exhibition and public presentation in Bergsjön 19  December.  We will also present our project at the examination  at Chalmers in January 2013. Our final project will also be published at that is the page for this course at Chalmers that we are taking.

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